Limousine Service

Limousine Service, which includes the usage of a limousine by a single driver, is actually not under the exclusive purview of Wisconsin state sales or use tax either. It is an alternative transportation service which uses luxurious vehicles with a capacity up to 15 passengers usually to transport passengers for an hour or more hire period typically within a metropolitan area. These limousines are normally equipped with TVs, telephones as well as snacks and drinks. The most popular service is of course operated by some well known car rental companies with many branches spread all over Wisconsin. There are also many private limousine services available in Wisconsin, particularly in Milwaukee.

One can book limousine service for various special occasions ranging from weddings to proms and prom nights. Booking in advance for the special events is advisable as these services work on a first come-first served basis. Some of these transportation services also provide shuttles for senior citizens and children who need special assistance during their special occasions. Some limousine companies also provide buses for wheel chair accessible passengers and wheelchair vans.Read more great  facts on Allied Limousine,  click here. 

The most common types of limousine service include Hummer limousines and stretch limousines. The most common reason for hiring these vehicles is to transport diplomats, celebrities, executives and members of various other VIPs and their hired family members. Most of these vehicles are able to accommodate up to a maximum of 15 people although the number depends on the height of the ceilings and the weight of the occupants. For more  useful reference,  have a peek here  

Generally there are 2 ways to book limousine service. The first way is to make reservations through calling up the customer care center of the concerned company or the operator. The customers can dial a specific toll free number and give their pin number so that the operators can book the desired vehicles in a very short span of time. In case the customer does not have a permanent phone number, he can leave a message for the operators to call him at his mobile phone. This will ensure that the transportation services get booked in advance so that the drivers are able to fulfill their duties with ample time. Please view this site    for further details. 

Another method of booking limousines for hire is to make reservations through online websites of limousine service providers. Most of these websites allow the customers to reserve their desired car very easily. They just have to provide the necessary details such as the number of passengers they want to hire, the dates they want to hire the cars and the driver of their choice. They can also select from a wide range of luxurious limousines offered by the reputed companies.

A stretch limousine service will pick up the passengers from the airport and deliver them to the required destinations. However, the customers can choose a specific limousine service provider according to their preferences such as whether they would like a car with high class features or just the basic one. If the number of passengers travelling is large, then a stretch limousine is the best one to hire. Moreover, these cars are insured so that the passengers can feel safe and secure while travelling.


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